Employee participation

Co-determination within the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine is regulated by the Faculty Council. In addition to the Faculty Council, the faculty has a Programme Committee. This is the advisory and consultative body, in which all educational matters of the Bachelor of Veterinary Medicine and the Master of Veterinary Medicine are discussed. 

Faculty Council

The Faculty Council is the participation body for staff and students. The council is the dean's spokespartner when it comes to measures taken by the board and the organisation of the faculty.
The Faculty Council consists of eight student members and eight staff members and is chaired by technical chair Marjanne Everts from 1 March 2019. The council meets with the board every month: every other month this is a formal or an informal meeting. Formal meetings are public and documents can be viewed here.

More information about the council members, topics discussed, powers, elections and contact details, is available for Utrecht University employees on the intranet. Students can find more information on the student website (in Dutch only).


For questions or comments, please send an e-mail. Staff can send an email to bbo.dgk@uu.nl and students can send an email to SFRDGK@UU.NL

Advisory rights:                                 

  • the faculty (multi-year) budget
  • the care for faculty student facilities

Right of consent when amending and adopting:

  • faculty regulations and electoral regulations
  • faculty strategic plan
  • education statute
  • quality assurance system of education and research and the policy regarding the results of the quality assessment
  • education and examination regulations
  • faculty regulations on working conditions
  • faculty (long-term) budget
  • policy regarding specific groups: women, the disabled and ethnic minorities.

Specific advisory authority staff section, including on:

  • how the terms and conditions of employment and service are applied at the faculty
  • how the faculty's general staff policy is implemented
  • organisation and working methods within the faculty

Further information

If you have any further questions, please contact the management secretariat.