We are contributing to the ambitions of Utrecht University by strengthening the connection between the natural science and social science disciplines. The Faculty of Geosciences aspires to be a leading institution in disciplinary research and to excel in forging connections between disciplines, not only within the faculty but across the university and in collaborations with external partners. We actively involve societal players in order to achieve meaningful impact through scientific knowledge. We enter into alliances with our national and international knowledge partners that include joint research programmes and dual appointments. This allows us to bring in knowledge that complements our own and to prepare ourselves for new future societal challenges that are, perhaps, not yet sufficiently evident today.

Special collaboration

The NIOZ Royal Netherlands Institute for Sea Research has developed a strong collaboration with Utrecht University, with the faculties of Geosciences and Science in particular. Since 2015 we have intensified our collaboration on research and teaching in the fields of water and climate. For example, we are jointly organising the Master's programme Marine Sciences and Utrecht University was strongly involved in the Netherlands Initiative Changing Oceans expedition. Read more about this collaboration.