The Faculty of Medicine of Utrecht University and the UMC Utrecht work together in the field of medical education, biomedical education and research. The various tasks are carried out in the UMC Utrecht and under the responsibility of the UMC Utrecht.

Changes in society influence how we deal with health. Due to technological innovation, we access more and more information about health independently. As a society, we become increasingly older, diverse and mobile. These developments come with challenges, which also apply to our education.

Fit for the Future is our education strategy, which consists of projects and activities involving eight themes.


Portret Hans Clevers
18 September 2019
Professor Hans Clevers wins the Keio Medical Science Prize for his groundbreaking work on stem cells and organoids.
22 July 2019
Researchers at among others Utrecht University and Universitair Ziekenhuis Leuven published an article on the process in PNAS on July, 22.
Vlaggen van de Universiteit Utrecht.
11 June 2019
Four projects from Utrecht have received funding from the so-called NWA-ORC. The UU is also partner for a fifth project.