Collaboration and societal impact

The Faculty of Law, Economics, and Governance actively collaborates with companies and governments and with knowledge institutes worldwide. Together we try to find innovative answers to the issues facing society. The Faculty builds a bridge between its scientific knowledge and society through community projects, public debate and exchange of knowledge.

Strategic Agenda Societal Impact

The Faculty of Law, Economics and Governance has adopted a Strategic Agenda Societal Impact.  With this agenda, the faculty wants to make explicit what societal impact is and how it can be generated.

Strategic Agenda Societal Impact (PDF)

Where Law, Economics, and Governance Come Together

Where the Faculty’s 3 disciplines intersect, innovative insights emerge. For example, economic concerns may play a role in a legal research subject. Do your activities touch on the combined aspects of law, economics, and governance? The Faculty of Law, Economics, and Governance can help you with research and advice on commission.