Quality and innovation of education

High-ranking scientific education starts with expert lecturers who have been trained as researchers AND as lecturers. Aside from that, research and room for education innovation contribute to good education. How does Utrecht University work on quality of education?

Centre for Academic Teaching and Learning

Utrecht University has united all activities and programmes that aim to develop lecturers and innovate education in one centre: the Centre for Academic Teaching and Learning. This centre coordinates and encourages the continuous progress of the quality of education.

Quality assurance and evaluation

Education is subject to quality assurance and evaluation in several ways. Several internal and external commissions assess the education of the university. Besides that, the Executive Board periodically measures the results of the education by means of various instruments, such as education reviews, surveys among students, alumni and employees and quantitative data on intake, progress and outflow.

Data Science and Artificial Intelligence

Education plays a crucial role in equipping future professionals with the necessary tools and knowledge to navigate complex systems, analyze datasets, and tackle societal issues. At Utrecht University, we recognize the growing importance of data science, technology, and artificial intelligence in our educational programmes.