In Utrecht, students watch beyond the borders of disciplines. Students and top researchers work towards a better world, together and in tight communities.

How we are working towards a better world

  • Hybrid workplace

    Designing classrooms for the future

    How we teach should determine what our learning spaces look like, not the other way around. In the project Future Learning Spaces we design new formats for the physical learning environment.
    Future Learning Spaces
  • portretfoto irene mol

    Big ambitions, small steps

    Utrecht University aims to increase diversity in its student intake. Communications Consultant Irene Mol tells about the experiences so far and the plans for the upcoming four years.
    Diversity among incoming students
  • Launch of Utrecht Centre for Academic Teaching

    Inspiring and empowering our teachers

    Our Centre for Academic Teaching and Learning connects everyone within the university who works at the continuous improvement of education.
    Centre for Academic Teaching and Learning
  • teacher provides online education

    Remote teaching

    How can teachers adapt their education to a constantly changing environment? What is needed to adapt teaching materials as well as possible? Here, we share our insights and resources.
    Resources for remote teaching

Facts and figures

Thinkers and doers in education

  • portrait picture Erik van Sebille

    Writing for Wikipedia

    Erik van Sebille was looking for other, more engaging forms of assessment. The result? His students wrote 40 brand new Wikipedia articles on oceanography, as part of their course assignment.
    Innovative teaching
  • The nominees and the Executive Board

    Supporting refugees

    Kimia Milani Sabzewar is the winner of the Exceptional Extracurricular Achievements Award. With her new foundation, she is fully committed to supporting refugees and their children.
    Student Awards
  • portrait picture Niels Bovenschen

    “Bachelor's students are more capable than one might think”

    Niels Bovenschen’s ambition is to engage undergraduate students in science by creating synergy between education and scientific research. His students work with real life datasets.
    Research-based education
  • PhD student Maranke Wieringa

    Network for students and staff with a disability

    Maranke Wieringa is co-founder of Accessible Academia. "There are a lot of creative solutions available that do not need to cost a great deal of time and effort, and which have a lot of impact with just a few minor changes."
    “Tailored solutions are paramount”
Chemistry students are taught in the laboratory

From their first year and onward, students perform research at Utrecht University

Education at Utrecht University