ILL account

With an ILL account (Interlibrary Loan account) you can request books and scans/photocopies of journal articles from all Dutch libraries. This service is not free of charge. In PiCarta, the Dutch national catalogue, you can check if the item is available elsewhere in the Netherlands.

Applying for and topping up an ILL account

You can only open an account if you have a Utrecht University Library card or a Utrecht University student card.

  • At the service desks:  Open an ILL account at the service desk of the library where you want to pick up the requested items. You can also top up your account at the desk. You can only pay by pin.
  • Online: Please fill in an online form. The invoice will be sent to your home address. Are you a staff member? Please fill in the correct WBS number (in Dutch only) of your department.

You will receive an account number and password which allow you to request items from PiCarta.

Please note: From 28 January 2019 ILL requests will be handled in a new system (Tipasa).  You are requested not to deposit more on your ILL account than you need until January 28, 2019.

Log in to PiCarta

PiCarta explained

Please check the extensive explanation about PiCarta.


Books must be collected from the library where you opened your ILL account. Paper photocopies are sent to your home address, digital copies are sent to your email address.


After you have submitted a request, the costs will be deducted from your balance.If the costs are higher, for instance if more books or copies are delivered than charged beforehand, they will be settled afterwards.If a request cannot be met, the money will be refunded automatically.

Loan items, copies/scans from other libraries    
Loan from other Dutch libraries, per item €6.50
Loan from foreign libraries, per item €17,-

A4 copy paper/digital from other Dutch libraries, 1-10 pages

         for each additional page



A3 copy paper/digital from other Dutch libraries, 1-10 pages

        for each additional page



A4  copy paper/digital from foreign libraries, 1-10 pages €12,-
A4 copy paper/digital from foreign libraries, 11-20 pages €21,-
A4 copy paper/digital from foreign libraries, 21-30 pages €30,-
A4 copy paper/digital from foreign libraries, 31-40 pages €39,-


ILL account holders must observe the regulations (PDF).