ISNI for all publishing Utrecht University researchers

Utrecht University promotes the findability of scientific output from UU and UMCU staff. As part of this ambition the library will supply all Utrecht researchers who have at least one publication to their names with an ISNI.

ISNI stands for International Standard Name Identifier and is the standard for preventing name ambiguity worldwide. ISNI is used for names that are included in (library) systems. This makes it a useful tool to distinguish between authors having the same name or if they use several name versions in their publications. The Dutch universities have agreed on giving all publishing researchers an ISNI number.

Processing of personal details for ISNI

When creating an ISNI, personal details are processed. For instance, based on name and year of birth library staff checks if a researcher already has an ISNI. If not, an ISNI is created. You will find more information about the personal details being processed and what is done with your data in the privacy statement.


Another international standard for names is ORCID, also an identifier making it easy for authors to link their personal details to their publications. Whereas ISNIs are for the most part assigned by institutions, ORCID is an identifier that can only be created by researchers themselves. An ORCID iD contributes to the visibility and findability of publications but could also save time in applying for research funding. Read more about ORCID.