Systematic reviews

The university library offers advice and support in systematically searching for literature as part of your systematic review.

Are you about to search for literature for a systematic review? Or have you already started but need help? The University Library can support you in different ways, at different times during your research.

Compass+: Systematically searching for literature

The online training course Compass+: Systematically searching for literature shows you step by step what is involved in setting up and performing a systematic database search. After following the module, you can set up a search question, formulate search terms, create a search string and estimate whether you have enough results. It is useful to do this training course before you start searching for literature. You log in with your Solis-id to access the module.

Compass+: Systematically searching for literature

Workshops systematic literature search (for systematic reviews)

At various times of the year, experts from the library give workshops on systematically searching for literature. You will learn to set up a systematic search strategy and you will receive information about where and how to search. You then apply these skills to your own research question. In the library's calendar you can see when the next workshop is planned.

Workshops are also provided at various courses. Do you want to include a workshop in your curriculum? Please contact the library.

Tailored advice

Experts from the university library offer tailored advice for your systematic search. You can make an appointment for this. During the appointment you will be helped with fine-tuning your search.

Make an appointment on the website

Reference management

Reference management is the systematic collection, management and use of references to sources. Especially when processing a large number of sources, it is important to do this in a structured way. You can use a reference tool. Check out the Libguide Reference Management for more information.

Libguide Reference Management

ASReview: Active Learning for Systematic Reviews

ASReview uses active learning to help you screen large amounts of search results (title-abstract) or text, so you don't have to go through everything manually. This saves you time. Read more on the website of ASReview. You can also download the software here. 



Do you have any questions? Please contact the university library. 

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