Collection Islamic and Arabic studies

A selection of titles about Arabic language and literature, as well as titles on Islam. There is an emphasis on Arabic studies. In the Religious studies collection you will also find works about Islam.

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The collection consists of books, ebooks and journals as well as dissertations. Please consult the classification scheme for more details on how the collection is arranged on the shelves.

The classification scheme is part of the collection Theology:

  • 11.80.00 Islam general
  • 11.81.00 Koran
  • 11.82.00 Traditional literature
  • 11.83.00 Islamic Denominations
  • 11.84.15 Islam other subjects
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Where to find the collection

The printed books are located on the ground floor of the University Library City Centre in the Drift wing in room 0.82. Printed journals are on the ground floor in Zones B and C.

The following two printed reference works are worth mentioning.

  • Encyclopaedia of Islam. Leiden [etc.], Brill [etc.], 1960-...Comprehensive encyclopedia of the Islamic world with many biographical, geographical and ethnographic descriptions.
  • Brockelmann, Carl. Geschichte der arabischen Litteratur. Already a little older, but thorough. Mainly about the middle ages.

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