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Open science and research impact are high on the research agenda and this calls for an adjustment of the traditional ways of academic publishing. Publishing Supports helps you in this. A multidisciplinary team of experts is available to provide you with information, tools and advice.

We support Utrecht University and UMC Utrecht researchers and research groups in finding a fitting publication strategy that results in a large (academic) outreach.

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How do we help you to publish with impact?

Nowadays academic publishing no longer only revolves around publishing articles in journals with a high impact factor. Thanks to the open science movement academic output has gained in diversity, think of data, software and video, and the emphasis has shifted to openly sharing. Besides, the increasing demand from society for impact, influences the way in which academic output is measured and valued.

These developments raise many new questions. For instance, how do you, as a researcher or research group, publish with impact while at the same time meeting open science criteria?



Publishing with impact demands a well thought-out, goal-oriented apporach, based on the right information. That is why on these pages we have collected as many illustrations and tools as possible regarding academic publishing. Our experts follow the developments and needs of researchers, and tailor their services accordingly. We use your input, in the form of questions and experiences, to keep our offer up to date.

You can also email us for an advisory meeting, for instance about your publication strategy or a vision for the future of your journal.

We have an extensive knowledge network in the field of academic publishing, both inside and outside of Utrecht University. Our core team is supported by specialists with expertise in every discipline so we can answer your question to the best of our ability.

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