In your search for scholarly literature you may sometimes find the UBUlink. This link provides information about the availability of digital publications via the University Library. The UBUlink can only provide information about digital publications. To check if we have a print publication in our collection search for the title in WorldCat.

UBUlink, quickly to the publication

You can find publications you would like to get hold of in different systems. In many of these you can make use of the UBUlink. By selecting the UBUlink a window will open, showing you ways to access the digital publication via Utrecht University Library. 

Different looks of the UBUlink

In many search systems the UBUlink appears as a yellow button, with slight differences in size and format across different search engines:

UBU-link button
Kleine UBU-link knop
UBUlink full text knop

In Google Scholar you will find the UBUlink  in the right hand column. If the UBUlink is not shown there, you will find it under the two arrows to the right.

Google scholar schema
In Google Scholar you will find the UBUlink per search result in the bottom row of links, under the two arrows to the right.

How does the UBUlink work?

If you click on the UBUlink the description of the corresponding publication will open in WorldCat. Here you will find information on ways to access the digital publication via Utrecht University Library.

WorldCat venster met beschikbaarheidsgegevens van de publicatie.

When is the UBUlink shown?

The UBUlink is one of the options to get online access to publications. Unfortunately, the link is not available in all search engines. Moreover, it does not always automatically appear.

Do you want to be certain that the UBUlink is shown in the systems, if available? If so, we recommend using the links to the university library search engines. If you follow these links, the search engine "knows" that you want to see the UBUlink and the link will be shown if possible.

The UBUlink is not shown in all search engines, but you can be sure the following do:

Other search engines with possibly UBUlinks can be found in:


Any questions about the UBUlink? Please send an email to library.e-collection@uu.nl.