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Can other scholars find my publications online? How can I use social media to increase the reach of my research? The VC helps you with questions that you, as a a scholar, may have on the visibility of your research output. Take a few minutes to learn about the online presence of you research with the visibility check.

The Research Visibility Check provides you with insight into the extent of the online presence of your publications. Moreover, it gives advice on how to increase (search) visibility and reach.

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Online presence

High visibility of your scientific work is important. In addition to traditional citation counts, more and more instruments are used to measure the reach of research output. For example, you can use altmetrics (alternative citation counts) to see how often an article is mentioned on Twitter and other media. The Research Visibility Check gives you insight into your visibility and provides you with tips about how to increase the visibility of your publications.

Open Science

There is a link between open science and scholarly online presence. Open Science is about making the research cycle more open and transparent. By sharing your research openly, you create transparency, thus strengthening the scientific and social influence of your work.

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