Wireless network (Wi-Fi) in the library

 Wireless network Eduroam

By using the Eduroam wireless network you can get acces to the internet and the secured digital journals, e-books and resources. In order to get access to Eduroam you need to log in with a Solis ID followed by @soliscom.uu.nl, the password is your Solis password.

  • Utrecht University staff and students can use their Solis ID followed by @soliscom.uu.nl
  • Hogeschool Utrecht staff and students (and staff and students from other Higher Education Institutions participating in Eduroam) can use their institutional password
  • Other library visitors: you can apply for a login code (Solis ID) at the servicedesk of the University Library. A valid proof of identity is required.

Wireless network UU-visitor

To use the UU-visitor wireless network you do not need to log in with a Solis ID. This network, however, offers no access to the secured digital journals, e-books and resources. You use UU-visitor to read your mail or to make a secure connection with your own company network.