Photocopies, prints and scans

Check information about printing, photocopying and scanning on our student website.

Printing and photocopying

The printers in the University Library Uithof and in the University Library City Centre can be used for both printing, photocopying and scanning.

If you give a print job from your computer, you must either select

  • Black (for black and white printouts) or
  • Colour (for colour printouts)

You can pick up your printouts at any printer in the building.


To identify yourself at the printing and photocopying machines you need a card with what is known as Radio Frequency Identification, such as a public transport (OV) chip card. Once you have registered and linked the desired card to your Solis ID and password, the machine will "recognise" you whenever you use the card. No RFID card? At the service desk you can get a free RFID card. It is also possible to log in manually with your Solis ID and password, but we do not recommend this procedure as it is rather complicated.

Money on your printing account

To be able to print you need to have money on your printing account. Topping up your credit balance must be done through an online payment portal using iDEAL or PayPal (for foreign students having a credit card).

Guest account

No Utrecht University student or staff  member and have you applied for a guest account? Please note that a guest account expires after one year and so does your printing account. A refund is not possible. So make sure to renew your guest account in time to prevent losing print credit.





A4 copy/print b&w single sided

3 cents

A4 copy/print b&w double sided

5,5 cents

A4 copy/print colour single sided

6,5 cents

A4 copy/print colour double sided

12 cents

A3 copy/print b&w single sided

3 cents

A3 copy/print b&w double sided

5,5 cents

A3 copy/print colour single-sided

6,5 cents

A3 copy/print colour double-sided

12 cents


On all printers/copiers in the University Library Uithof and the University Library City Centre you can make scans. This service is free of charge.

Hold your RFID printcard in front of the reader and choose the icon E-mail. Or log on with your Solis-ID manually.
In the To and From fields your Solismail address will automatically appear. Would you like to send your scan to another Utrecht University email address? Select To and choose from the list.

Put the document on the glass plate and push the green Start-button on the control panel.

Please do not forget to log off.