Publishing open educational resources

Open Educational Resources are resources that are available openly and free of charge. They give lecturers and education support officers the opportunity to use and build upon each other’s work.

Utrecht University Library supports lecturers who want to publish self-created open educational resources. To this end, Utrecht University has a license on edusources, SURF’s national platform offering open educational resources to educational institutions.

Edusources and SURFsharekit

Publishing educational resources in edusources is done via the SURFsharekit, an online depot, also containing educational resources. After material has been uploaded in the SURFsharekit, it can be shared through edusources. SURF has several user manuals on how to upload and publish educational resources.


To safeguard the quality of the shared educational resources the library has laid down four preconditions. The educational resources:

More guidelines regarding didactics and form can be found in the Quality Model Open Educational Resources.

The library offers support on these topics. Do you want our advice on the options of open educational resources or do you encounter some issues? Please contact the library.

Examples of open educational resources

Veterinary Online Collection

At the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine a course community of lecturers and education support officers collaborates with the University of Copenhagen and the University of Helsinki on the Veterinary Online Collection, creating semi open (open for persons requesting access) educational resources and publishing them via edusources. The collection consists of videos, assignments, pictures and modules.

Master of the Middle Ages

A series of three interviews with Utrecht University professor Frits van Oostrom. On the occasion of his retirement, professor Marc van Oostendorp (Radboud University) interviewed him about his ideas on the role of the researcher and the university in society. The episodes are shared as a set on edusources.


In cooperation with the University of Amsterdam, the Vrije Universiteit of Amsterdam, the Rotterdam Erasmus University and SURF, lecturers and education support officers of the Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences work on a national database for statistics questions: ShareStats. This database consists of thousands of statistics questions from previous exams and assignments, with a lecturer version (to draw up exercises and tests) and a student version (for practicing purposes).


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