Scopus is a search engine containing abstracts of articles and book chapters in all subject areas. It also contains the references from and citations to those articles and book chapters.

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What can you find in Scopus?

  • articles from peer reviewed journals, incl. over 5500 open access journals and articles (the oldest record is from 1788, the bulk from 1969);
  • cited references (from 1970);
  • books, book series and book chapters (no book reviews);
  • conference proceedings (no conference abstracts);
  • patents.

Literature in all disciplines, especially:

  • health sciences (incl. the complete collection from MEDLINE, nursing, dentistry); 
  • physical sciences (incl. chemistry, physics, engineering);
  • social sciences (incl. Arts & Humanities, psychology, economy, business);
  • life sciences (incl. neurosciences, biology, pharmacologie). 

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What to use Scopus for?

  • searching scientific/scholarly articles, book chapters and conference papers;
  • finding citations and conduct a further search based on the citations you found;
  • finding the citation scores of authors (H-index);
  • checking how many times and by whom publications have been cited;
  • checking the impact of journals (CiteScore, SJR, SNIP).


In Scopus you will find information about the (full text) availability of the digital publications in Utrecht University Library via the UBUlink.