University Library City Centre

You will find the entrance of the University Library City Centre at Drift 27. The historical building is the former palace of Lodewijk Napoleon.

University Library City Centre

Universiteitsbibliotheek Binnenstad


Drift 27, 3512 BR Utrecht, The Netherlands

Post office box 80124, 3508 TC Utrecht

Front office: tel. +3130 253 6200

Regarding library/books: tel: +31 30 253 6115


Website University Library

The university premises is smoke-free.

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Opening hours

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Getting there and Accessibility

Study spaces, group study rooms 

In both library locations there is room to study, both individually and with a group. A part of the study spaces is openly available and part can be booked by students and staff of Utrecht University. The group spaces are only available by reservation. Read more about study spaces and group study rooms here.  

Coffee bar Lodewijk

In the University Library you will find coffee bar Lodewijk. You can find its opening hours here.

Bicycle parks

The bicycle park, under the courtyard at the Wittevrouwenstraat, has space for 700 bicycles. From the underground bicycle park there is an indoor passage to the library. This bicycle park has the same opening hours as the library. There is also a bicycle park at the Keizerstraat for over 300 bicycles. You can enter the library through the garden. This bicycle park is open Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. and closes after that time to avoid inconvenience to local residents. This park is closed on the weekends. 

Parking of bicycles, mopeds, motorbikes and cars on the courtyard is not allowed. Only loading and unloading by suppliers is granted by request.

Bike park under the courtyard of University Library City Centre.