For lecturers

As a lecturer, you have to consider copyright issues when you use someone else's work in your teaching. The creator or publisher of a work has the exclusive right to reproduce and publish it, and to charge a fee for this. Including sources in a (digital) course pack or on Blackboard is a form of reproduction and publication, and is therefore bound by regulations.

The most important things you need to know about copyright

Read about what copyright entails, crediting your sources and copyright-free sources.

The most important things you need to know about copyright

Creating teaching material

When creating educational materials for use within Utrecht University, you must know how to include sources without copyright infringement. Read more about the Flowchart for the reuse of sources in teaching material, open access, open licences and Creative Commons, reusing digital texts, the Easy Access Agreement, the use of images and videos and the use of sources in knowledge clips and web lectures.

Creating teaching material

Sharing self-made teaching materials outside UU

If you want to share self-made educational material outside of Utrecht University, you need to know how to avoid potential copyright infringement. In addition, you must make choices regarding your own copyright.

Read more about sharing self-made teaching materials


Contact Copyright Information Office via the contact form or email.

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