For lecturers

As a lecturer you have to consider copyright issues on a regular basis. In your work you frequently use material produced by others that is copyright-protected. This page provides information about including sources in teaching material and relevant links.

Flow chart

The flow chart (PDF) is a useful tool that shows you step-by-step what you need to do when you use copyrighted material in your teaching.

Open Access & teaching material

Open Access (OA) provides free digital access to scholarly publications. These are free from copyright restrictions many publishers are imposing. It is true for many Open Access publications that articles may be included in teaching material free of charge. In some cases you must ask permission in advance. Please ask the author or publisher for the conditions of use regarding Open Access articles.

An example of an Open Access licence is the one by Creative Commons, in which the author determines if and in which way the work may be reused. All material under a Creative Commons licence may be included in full, if unchanged and used for non-commercial purposes. And sometimes more things are allowed.

UU agreements with publishers

Do you want to reuse a source in your teaching? First check the list of agreements with publishers about reusing texts from electronic journals and e-books.

Please note! These conditions are subject to change. The list is frequently updated.

If you include material based on this list we recommend you to put in your document:

·Inclusion permitted by agreement with publisher

You must always cite and acknowledge your sources correctly.


Easy Access regulations

In the Easy Access regulations (in Dutch only) agreements between the Dutch universities and Stichting UvO (formerly known as Stichting PRO) have been laid down about including sources in teaching material. Under the agreement (also known as the ‘reader regulations’) universities no longer need to report every use of short sections of text individually or pay a fee for publication. The universities pay an annual compensation fee to Stichting PRO for this.

Knowledge clips and web lectures

More and more teaching material is made online available, for instance in the form of knowledge clips and web lectures. In addition, the material becomes more interactive. These developments result in different regulations regarding the inclusion of sources.


Do you have questions about including sources in teaching material? Please contact the University Library: