Google Books

Google Books is a search engine with millions of books which you can use to broadly search books for any subjects you are interested in.

Go to Google Books at

Use Google Books for:

  • Finding books about subjects, because Google Books lets you search the full text of the books.
  • Reading entire books, provided they are free of copyright.
  • Reading parts of newer books. Books with copyright will often be partially available. Sometimes you might find the chapter you need.

Google Books has a Dutch version and an international version. These are different in a few respects:

  • Ranking: the Dutch version puts books in the Dutch language higher in the results list, and the other way around! This is especially the case in searching for proper names that are equal in both languages.
  • Subject terms: in the .com version you can also search by subject/keywords, 
  • Bookshop links: the Dutch version also contains links to Dutch bookshops.
  • Google eBooks: the Dutch version has the option to restrict to "Google eBooks". We advise you to always select "any books".

Search Google Books

Searching Google Books works in the same way as regular Google. Detailed information about searching and tools to use can be found in the the help section at You will also find the the advanced search option at

Please note that most books will not be fully available or that they might not have the part you are looking for.

How to borrow a book via Google Books

Find 'Get this book in print' on the homepage and if available click on the link 'Find in a library'. You will be directed to WorldCat where you can see if the book is available at Utrecht University Library or any other library worldwide.

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