Lean Library

In order to get access to material licensed by the Utrecht University Library, it is important that you are connected to the Utrecht University network. On campus, this is done automatically. Off campus, the Lean Library browser extension supports this, and connects you to the Utrecht University network wherever you are. Lean Library also points you to the right location to access the material you have found.

Download Lean Library at www.leanlibrary.com

How does it work?

Lean Library is an extension that you can add to your browser. If you visit a website where licensed material is available, the extension will automatically connect you to the UU network to give you access. Sometimes you find material on a website to which the library cannot provide access. If the material can be accessed through another website, a pop-up shows you the available options. Is there an open access version available? Then Lean Library gives a link to it.

In the case of the search engines PubMed and Google Scholar, the university library gives access via the UBUlink. The UBUlink is only shown if you use a particular link provided by the library. The Lean Library extension ensures that you are shown the UBUlink, even if you reach one of those search systems via another link. This way you can be sure that you see the UBUlink to link to the digital material the library has access to. 

As a user, you can choose if and when you want to receive a pop-up from the extension. You don't have to see pop-ups if you don't want to. Click on the app icon, go to settings, and then advanced settings to indicate your preference. Lean Library will continue to work, even if you do not want to receive pop-ups.

The Lean Library browser extension also puts the university library's collection via WorldCat at your fingertips. Select any article or book title on a web page, and choose "UU Library and beyond" from the right-click menu. A search in Worldcat is automatically started with the selected text.

Do you also want to use the Lean Library browser extension? Download it at: www.leanlibrary.com.

No Lean Library (yet)

If you cannot or do not want to use Lean Library yet, log in to the overview of search engines at login.proxy.library.uu.nl. By using this overview you will have access to licensed material via the Utrecht University Library as well as to open access material.

Log in to the overview of search engines at login.proxy.library.uu.nl