Digital Humanities Support

Digital Humanities (DH) is the discipline concerned with research and teaching in computer and/or data-driven methods in the humanities. Working closely with the Centre for Digital Humanities (CDH), we offer various services to support Digital Humanities. Students, teachers and researchers can come to us for tailored advice.

You can find the complete range of all DH Support at

Digitisation request

Do you need digital material for your research or teaching activities? In our digitisation street texts are digitised for research and education goals. This is done by request. You can submit a digitisation request by contacting one of the team members below.

Digital Humanities Team

A multidisciplinary team of specialists provides you with information on Digital Humanities. Think for example of: 

  • Acquiring, archiving, and accessing qualitative & quantitative data. 
  • Assistance with Digital Humanities methods in education and research.
  • Digital techniques for automatic optical character or handwriting recognition.
  • Working with digitised full-text corpora.
  • Linked Open Data.
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