Privacy statement Publication of student theses

The university aims for a careful treatment of the personal data of everyone who works, studies or participates in research here. Utrecht University processes personal data when a student thesis is published. This Privacy Statement informs you of the purposes for which your personal data will be processed in this context, how you can exercise your privacy rights and other information which may be of importance to you.

1. Responsible party and responsibility

UU is the responsible party within the framework of the GDPR with regard to the personal data that is processed for the publication of a student thesis.

2. For what purposes does UU process your personal data when publishing a student thesis?

The processing of personal data for the publication of a thesis takes place in order to share scientific information with society.

3. What personal data is collected by UU when archiving and publishing your student thesis?

In the case of publication UU collects the following personal data: 

  • Name student;
  • Name supervisor;
  • Student's course/the course to which the supervisor is affiliated.

4. On what basis does UU process personal data when publishing student theses?

UU has a statutory task of general interest to share knowledge for the benefit of society. The publication of theses is done to fulfil this task.

5. How does UU ensure the confidential handling of personal data?

UU treats personal data as confidential. We take appropriate technical and organisational measures to protect personal data. UU will only share personal data in accordance with this Privacy Statement and only with third parties if this is lawful and done with care.

6. Data sharing with third parties

Under the instructions of UU, third parties may provide certain parts of the services required for the performance of an agreement. UU makes agreements with these data processors to ensure the confidential and careful handling of personal data. These agreements are contractually laid down in so-called ‘Data Processor Agreements’.

Theses that are published will be made available through Worldcat and Google (Scholar).

7. How long is the data stored? 

The UU stores theses for 7 years, in accordance with its legal obligation. If a thesis is made public, that version will be  automatically deleted after 15 years. The thesis can then no longer be found via Google and Worldcat.

8. How can you access, rectify or erase your data?

If you would like to take your thesis offline, you can request this through the form Request to take student thesis offline. Taking your thesis offline or removing your personal data is only possible insofar as UU can still meet the legal obligations, such as the legal retention periods.

You can send a request for inspection or correction to the UU. Please indicate clearly that it concerns an inspection or correction request on the grounds of the AVG. Please note that providing a copy of your proof of identity may be necessary in order to verify your identity.
Making a secure copy of your ID is easy with the government's 'Copy ID' app, which you can download from the app store. 
Please send your request to the following email address: and note in the subject line which request it concerns. 
You also have the right to lodge a complaint about the use of your data with the Autoriteit persoonsgegevens.

9. Technical security

To optimally protect your personal data against unauthorised access or unauthorised use, UU applies appropriate security technology. Any apparent or actual misuse of data will be reported to the relevant law enforcement authorities. In addition, UU takes organisational measures to protect personal data against unauthorised access.

10. Questions

Do you have any specific questions or comments about our Privacy Statement based on this information? If so, do not hesitate to get in touch with us. You may either use the contact form on the website or send a message to The UU Data Protection Officer (FG) can also be reached via this email address.

Privacy statement - version

This Privacy Statement was last modified on 8 June 2021. UU reserves the right, where necessary, to make changes to the Privacy Statement.