Google Scholar

Google Scholar is a general search engine, containing scholarly articles. It has a large coverage and is very user-friendly.

What will you find in Google Scholar?

  •  References to articles
  •  References to preprints and working papers
  •  References to books (selection from Google Books)
  •  Bare citations ('CITATIONS') to cited articles or books
  • References to patents and legal documents

 Use Google Scholar to find:

  •  A specific article of which you know the title
  •  Articles from non-peer reviewed journals
  •  Conference proceedings
  •  Articles in which your topic is only slightly relevant

UBU link

Use Google Scholar with UBU-link. The UBU-link is a quick way to the full text.

No UBU-link next to the articles?

  1. Go (back) to the homepage of Google Scholar
  2. Click on settings at the top right hand corner
  3. Select library links in the left menu
  4. Search for Utrecht
  5. tick the box  Universiteit Utrecht and click on Save 

From Google Scholar to full text

There are several ways to find the full text of an article. Click on:

  • the title
  • the PDF\HTML-link or the Fulltext @ UBUlink.
  • the UBU-link on the blue line with links under the link 'more'. If you do not see this option below the article, you can make it visible via settings (arrow at the top right hand corner of the homepage). Next with the help of  Library links you can search for “Universiteit Utrecht and click on Save. The UBU-link also allows you to find a print version if available.
  • “All versions” shows you other versions of the article

If there is a direct [PDF], [DOC] of [HTML] link to the full text it may be that Google Scholar does not show a UBU-link.

Google scholar schema