Access to digital publications

Utrecht University staff and students have access to digital material for which the library has a license, such as digital journals, e-books and search engines.

Students and staff get direct access to digital material in various ways.

  • With the Lean Library browser extension. If the university library provides access to a publication you have found, Lean Library will lead you there.
  • Directly via WorldCat. Digital material can be accessed directly from the search result, for example online journals, journal articles and e-books.
  • The List of digital journals gives you access to the digital journals to which the library has a subscription.
  • The Search engines overview gives you access to databases, resource collections, and other digital materials licensed by the university library.
  • The UBUlink can be found in various search systems such as Google Scholar and PubMed. By clicking on the UBUlink you will get information about the availability of digital publications via the university library. Next you can often access the digital publication itself.

When you are connected to the Wi-Fi network 'Utrecht University' you will automatically get access. If you are connected to another network, you will be prompted to log in with your Solis-id.

Open access publications can always be accessed, even without using your Solis-id.

Guest access

Are you not affiliated with Utrecht University, but would you like to view licensed material? As a guest you have access when you are in the library buildings. You use a guest Solis-id to connect to  the Wi-Fi network 'Utrecht University'. Read more about guest access.