Online access

When you are searching for literature online, but not connected to a UU network, the UU Easy Access browser extension offers access to scientific sources made available by the university library.

Connected to a UU network

Are you logged in with your Solis ID and password or UMC account on a desktop computer or connected to the Eduroam Wi-Fi network of Utrecht University on your own device? Then you have access to all subscripton-based online resources of the library.

Not connected to a UU network (from home)

Logging in before your search session

Log in with your Solis account or UMC account before you start your search. Now you will get an overview of all search engines. If you use a search engine via this overview, you will have access during the whole of your browser session.

Logging in after a search

If you have already found what you were looking for and want to log in afterwards to view the full text you will get access with the tools below:

These are useful tools if you are not connected to the Eduroam WiFi network, for instance if you are working at home.

Questions about access?

Do you have any questions about access to our online sources? Please send an email to or call 030-2536115.