The visibility of your scientific output is really important. Your publications and other output have to be visible and findable to reach an audience.  An important step in this is open access publishing, but you can do even more to reach out to your target audience. On this page you will find tips to work on this.


Do the Visibility Check to easily and quickly test whether your research output is sufficiently visible to fellow researchers. The visibility to-do list provides an overview of practical steps you can take to improve your online visibility.
An ORCID iD helps you to increase the visibility of your research. In addition, you can save time when submitting manuscripts and grant applications.

Public engagement

Do you want to reach the general public with your research? Then take a look at the Public Engagemen website for extensive information and help.


Check the page Publishing workshops and training courses regularly for updates. We offer, for example, the workshop "Online Presence".

Further inquiries

Are you missing information or do you have a specific question? Send us an e-mail.