The Musicology collection covers the history of western music from antiquity to the present. Also literature in the field of non-western music, in so far as it is relevant to western music. The collection contains printed books and journals, audiovisual materials, photographs, musical instruments partly on open shelves, partly housed in the depositories. In addition the collection contains digital materials.

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Dvd’s and games

To support the study of musicology, the University Library has a collection of audio-visual, with DVDs (feature films, documentaries, television) and games. The collection can be searched through WorldCat. Games can be borrowed, but hardware for games may only be borrowed by students studying games for educational purposes.

Sheet music

The sheet music collection includes all areas of western music history. Most scholarly editions of the complete works of composers are present, along with many other editions of a scholarly nature (for example series on certain types of sources, musical genres, or national or regional music traditions). The important repertoire from ca 1700 to the present is usually also available in the form of single editions, which can be borrowed.

Photographs – Josquin Archive

The Josquin Archive contains several thousands of photographs of Middle-European, Italian and Spanish sources for Franco-Flemish polyphony. The emphasis is on sources bearing on the work of Josquin des Prez. You may consult the Josquin Archive through the service desk of the University Library City Centre.

Photograps – Fotogram Archief

The Fotogram Archief contains photographs of manuscripts and early prints from the era of the ‘Viennese Classics’ (Hoboken collection) and in the field of the Italian opera up to ca 1800; the Leyden and Den Bosch choir books; autographs and early copies of the work of Alphons Diepenbrock. You may consult the Fotogram Archief through the Special Collections reading room in the University Library Uithof.

Utrecht Organ Archive

Utrecht University Library holds a number of important archives of Dutch organ builders and organ experts. You may consult these in the Special Collections reading room in the University Library Uithof. Information about this archive and descriptions of a number of archive inventories can be found in the database of the Utrecht Organ Archive.

Musical instruments

The musical instruments owned by Utrecht University are described in the database Musical instruments (in Dutch). There you will find pictures and descriptions as well as information about the provenance of the instruments.

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