To find a studyspot with computer in the University Library check Studyspot

Logging in at the computers

  • You are a Utrecht University staff member or student: please log in with your Solis ID and password.
  • You are not a Utrecht University staff member or student: Please apply for a login code (guest-Solis ID) at the service desk of the university library, bringing a valid proof of identity. Your Solis ID expires after one year. You do not need to have a library card if you apply for a Solis ID.

Logging off

  • Please log off when you take a longer break and take your things with you so that a next visitor may use the computer.
  • Do not forget to log off at the end of your session to prevent misuse of the computers.
  • When you leave the computer unattended for a period of 20 minutes, you will be automatically logged off and the computer will be available for other users.

Laptops for loan

At the servicedesk of the University Library City Centre and the University Library Uithof laptops are for loanPlea. Every laptop comes with an instruction card. You are not allowed to take the laptop outside the library. Please return the laptop at the service desk not later than 15 minutes before closing time of the library.

For staff and students of Utrecht University: free of charge. All other visitors: €2.50  a day, to be paid in advance at the service desk.


Please note that you can use a limited number of computers as a visitor from outside Utrecht University. In the University Library Uithof external visitors use the ten computers available on the reading table, next to the service desk on the first floor. The University Library City Centre has ten computers for external visitors as well.