Policies and mission statement

On this page you will find the mission statement of the library as well as the starting points on which the library policies are based.


Our mission is to promote and innovate the sharing of scholarly knowledge. We do this by facilitating making scholarly information findable, accessible, interoperable and reusable on a global scale, primarily for the benefit of the Utrecht academic community as a whole. Important principles in this respect are: open, sustainable, collaboration and digital.

Strategic Plan 

Excellent library services are characterised by continuity as well as innovation. For more than 430 years, we have ensured access to scholarly knowledge to the academic community despite the fact that format, access methods and knowledge (re)use are now consistently subject to fundamental change.

The library can only stay connected to its users if it continues to adapt and innovate. In addition, it is a given that library services will be organised in cooperation with other parties, within or outside the university community. This is in line with the international ambitions of Utrecht University and the increasingly international character of research and academic education in general.

The library also supports open access availability of scholarly output. Special material is digitised, making it more sustainable. As a result, this academic heritage will not only last longer but will also be more frequently consulted.

Download the University Library Policy Plan 2022-2025 (PDF, 4MB)