Gender studies

Gender studies is originally an interdisciplinary area of ​​expertise. Some collections have specific sections that are important for Gender studies.

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How to search the collection?

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You will find the printed books on gender studies in different collections. The most important are:

  • ALG: 02.60 (genderstudies)
  • ALW: 17.75 (Schools and movements in literary theory), including: 27 (feminist theory and criticism); 29 (postcolonial theory and criticism)
  • ATW: 17.21 23 (Monolingual sociolinguistics; language and gender)
  • ETH: section B (bio-ethics) and C (human bio-ethics)
  • GES: aspect e (social history)
  • KUN: 20.03 23 (Methods and techniques of art studies: genderstudies/feminist historiography of art); 20.10 22 (Art and society: genderstudies/feminist art practice)

Where to find the collection?

The collection of Gender Studies is located in the University Library City Centre.

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