Online access for guests

As a guest you have access to online library resources in the University Library. From other locations you have no access.

The guest Solis ID

To get a guest Solis ID, please fill in this form. You can do this in advance from home. At the service desk you can have your guest Solis ID activated by showing a valid identity card. After activation, you will receive an email with the request to create a password.

This login code gives you access to the university's Wi-Fi network 'Utrecht University'. You have access to the online resources and search engines of the library. You can also use all print facilities of Utrecht University. You must bring your own device.


Your guest Solis ID is valid for one year. Do you want to renew your account? You have two options:

  1. 45 days before the expiration date you submit a request to renew your guest Solis ID. Please visit this login page and fill in your email address under the heading “Guests’. You will receive an email with a link to the application form.
  2. Wait until you get an email, just before the expiration date. This email contains a link to request renewal of your guest Solid ID.

In both cases you must have the request approved at the service desk of the library. Don’t forget to bring a valid proof of identity.

Open access resources

When you are not in the library, you have access to open access databases and journals.