Do you want to know more about the way the library is organised? For instance because you want to apply for a vacancy? On these pages you will find an overview of the organisational structure and contact details of all department heads.

Organisation of Utrecht University Library

The organisational structure distinguishes between staff responsibility and line responsibility and has a limited number of hierarchical levels.

The line management involves three divisions:

  • Public Services Division
  • Technical Library Services Division
  • Innovation and Development Division

A number of staff employees support and advise the line management:

  • the communications consultant;
  • de controller;
  • the demand manager of technical support services;
  • the Human Resources adviser.

Organisational chart

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Librarian of the University

Divisions and departments

Public Services division

The Public Services division consists of Public Services and the Department of Information and Marketing.

  • Public Services is responsible for making the collections available to the public (lending and taking in material), reading room supervision and customers service.
  • The Department of Information and Marketing is responsible for all specialist questions and for activities in the field of Public Relations, marketing information, information to the public and account management.

Division manager: Mrs T.H.J.M. Raaimakers. Both locations have their own department heads;

  • Public Services Uithof: Mr J. van Soest; Public Services City Centre: Mrs M.J.W. Witkamp;
  • Information and Marketing Uithof: Mrs M. Pronk; Information and Marketing City Centre: Mr A. Smeels.
Department Manager

Technical Library Services division

The Technical Library Services division is responsible for an effective and efficient execution of technical library processes, the library-related IT infrastructure, management and policy support as well as for financial and personnel accounts.

Division manager, and Head of department Management Support: Mrs M.C. van den Bosch.


  • Document Processing: acquisition, processing and formal cataloguing of physical documents and electronic information sources. Head of department: Mrs M. van der Harst.
  • Collection Management: storage and preservation of the collections in the depositories; making depository items available to the public; transferring items from the library’s open access areas to the depositories; digitizing Special Collection items and managing the Digital Depository. Head of department: Mr J. van Kooten Niekerk.
  • Management Support: assisting the management and for policy support. The financial and personnel accounts also fall under this department.

Innovation and Development division

The Innovation and Development division is responsible for Utrecht University Library innovation projects. The division formulates the policy on innovation and is accountable for initiating, testing and managing extensive and complex innovation projects.

The projects are carried out in close collaboration with the divisions concerned. Once a project has been concluded, the Innovation and Development division is responsible for implementing the project results within the regular activities of the other divisions.

The I&D division supports all library departments in the field of library related IT use and equipment and is responsible for the functional and technical management of these activities.

The division consists of three teams: Innovation, Development and ICT Management. Division manager: Mr J.P.W. Seeverens.

Staff employees