Do you want to know more about the way the library is organised? For instance because you want to apply for a vacancy? On these pages you will find an overview of the organisational structure and contact details of department heads.

Organisation of Utrecht University Library

The organisational structure distinguishes between staff responsibility and line responsibility and has a limited number of hierarchical levels.

The line management involves three divisions:

  • Public Services 
  • Academic Services
  • Collection Services

Organisational chart

View the organisational chart (pdf)

Librarian of the University

Divisions and departments

Academic Services division

The division of Academic Services is responsible for supporting research and education in all faculties.

Division manager: drs. Martine Pronk

Department manager: drs. Kim Bergmans

Department manager: dr. Sven Raeymaekers

Department manager: Wenneke Meerstadt, MA

Public Services division

Under the Public Services division falls the Department of Public Services Utrecht University Library.

The division is responsible for services in the library buildings in the city centre and in Utrecht Science Park and also contributes to the development of these buildings.

Department manager: Corina van der Heijden

Collection Services division

The division of Collection Services is responsible for services relating to the collections made available by the library, both print and digital collections.

Division manager: M.J. van der Zouwen MA


  • Metadata & Acquisitions: processing and formal cataloguing of physical documents and digital sources. Department managers: dr. ir. J.M.S. Renkema and drs. C.E. Zandbergen
  • Collection management: storing and conserving collections in the depositories, making them available to the public, digitising items from the Special Collections.

Secretarial office

Telephone: 030-253 6400


Management assistants:

Staff services

In addition to the divisions and departments above, the following internal staff services support the entire organisation of Utrecht University Library:

  • Information management
  • Project management
  • Communications. Department head: A. Grooters
  • Management Services
  • Control
  • Facilities management
  • Others (HR, from Utrecht University HR and the Faculty of Social Sciences) and Information Security from ITS)
  • IT. Department head: F. van der Heijden

Spokesman for Utrecht University Library