House rules

Utrecht University Library regulations

Utrecht University Library likes to offer its visitors a peaceful study environment. Please read our house rules below.

Library house rules

Visitors are expected to be familiar with the library regulations.

  1. To gain entrance tot the library on weekends, during the holidays and after 5 p.m. you must show a valid proof of identity: driving license, passport, identity card or a (digital) UU-student card with photo. Security staff may at all times ask you for your proof of identity when they see reason to do so.
  2. Library or security staff may ask visitors whose behaviour causes nuisance to behave themselves, ask them to leave the building, or even decide that troublesome visitors will be denied entrance for a longer period of time. The latter disciplinary action is always confirmed in writing.
  3. You are allowed to bring coats and bags into the library. Library and security staff are authorized to check any coats and bags. There are lockers available in the library.
  4. You must leave your locker open and empty at the end of the day. Utrecht University Library reserves the right to open any lockers that are still closed after closing time. Any items found inside the lockers will then be forfeited to Utrecht University Library.
  5. When you stay away from your study spot for more than thirty minutes, your things will be put aside and another visitor may take your place. Saving a study spot for third parties is not allowed.
  6. Utrecht University Library cannot be held liable for any damage to and/or theft of visitors' personal belongings.
  7. Visitors must handle and use all library materials and facilities with care.It is not allowed to disconnect the plugs of computers and monitors from the power sockets.
  8. If you are found guilty of vandalism, misuse of facilities or theft you may be denied access to the University Library facilities and/or the University Library buildings. The costs incurred to repair damage will be recovered from the person who inflicted the damage.
  9. In the buildings of Utrecht University Library, a CCTV surveillance system is installed in order to prevent theft of property.
  10. Animals are not allowed in the library buildings, with the exception of guide dogs for the blind.
  11. Using mobile phones is allowed, except in the reading rooms and among study places, and as long as it does not cause inconvenience to other visitors.
  12. Smoking, alcohol & drugs are not allowed.
  13. You are not allowed to film or take pictures in the department of Special Collections. Throughout the buildings it is not allowed to film or take pictures of persons without asking their permission first.
  14. In case of an evacuation leave the building, follow the instructions of health and safety officers or the evacuation team, use the nearest (emergency) exit and go to the assembly point.