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On this page you will find information from the Utrecht University Library about the discipline and the collection of Religious studies.

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What do you find in the collection?

  • The Religious studies collection consists of the collections Ethics (ETH), Theology (THEOL), Missiology (MISSI) and Ecumenics (OECUM).  There are also a number of reference works about Theology, Philosophy and Ethics (TH-WY). All links to PDFs in Dutch.
  • You will also find a reference to the collection Religious studies (REL) in the University Library City Centre. This is a collection of late latin texts.
    The journal collections for Missiology and consists mostly of materials from Africa, Asia and Latin America.
  • Search for books and journals in WorldCat, look for e-journals in the list of electronic journals.
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Where do you find the collections?

You will find the collections Missiology, Ecumenics en Theology on the sixth floor of the University Library Utrecht Science Park. The Ethics collection and the collection Religious studies are in the University Library City Centre.

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