Open science university library

Open science means that scientists share their research process and results including the data as openly as possible and at an early stage so that they are available to everyone. This way the scientist creates transparency and strengthens the scientific and social impact of his or her research. 

Researchers strive towards a more open model for science from the principle that society benefits more and more directly when that research is funded with public resources. This shows that open science is a movement started by the scientists themselves. At the same time open science is frequently becoming a condition for scientist to meet. Funders for example demand it as a provision for their contibution to research.   


Open science and open access will become the norm in academic research.

On a national level the national platform for open science has been set up. Detailed information about open science and its development can be found on their website.

Open science at Utrecht University

In its strategic plan 2016 – 2020 the Utrecht University states the following ambitions on the subject of open science:

“Utrecht University aims to operate at the forefront of open science. The university is convinced that scientific research can contribute to better solutions to complex problems if knowledge is shared as widely and as quickly as possible.”


“Utrecht University will make the results of its research publicly available in order to better disseminate and apply this knowledge.”

In contribution to fulfilling these ambitions the Rector of Utrecht University has created a task force open science to improve the awareness around open science. The task force will write a draft for the open science programme 2018-2020.

Utrecht University Library's role in open science

The university library supports and facilitates researchers in the realisation of open science. It informs, advises and offers services at every stage of the research cycle. For example by:

Other subjects like open peer review and altmetrics (alternative citation measurements) are also developing quickly. The library closely follows the developments in open science and will gladly join the discussion with scientists on the subject. If you have any further questions regarding open science, please contact the library.