Want to get started with your Data Management Plan quickly? Take the e-learning module Write Your DMP now!

Have you almost completed your Veni application, but just need to write a Data Management Plan (DMP) for NWO? Or are you starting a research project and want to avoid having to search endlessly for the right version of your data at the end? Writing a DMP can be quite a job. To help you with this, RDM Support has developed the e-learning module Write Your DMP.

When you are filling out a DMP, you may be a little dizzy with all the questions you have to answer about collecting, processing, storing and sharing your data. With the Write Your DMP e-learning module, you will master all the basic concepts you need to write a good plan in about 1.5 hours.

What will you learn? 

What do you need to consider when collecting and processing data? What is the difference between storing and archiving? What does it mean to make your data FAIR? In the module, you will join researcher Leo in exploring these questions. After completing the module, you will have sufficient basic knowledge to write a DMP. Not only will it make writing a DMP easier, but you will also meet UU's requirements for handling research data.

Get started right away and sign up!

In addition to the e-learning module, RDM Support offers a lot of information through the Guides, in which you will find information about Data Management Planning, the FAIR principles, but also, for example, the costs of data management. In addition, the data managers and consultants of RDM Support and faculty support are ready to help you with your questions about your Data Management Plan. We are happy to give you feedback on your DMP. And you are also always welcome during our Walk-in hours.