Open science calls for an open outlook, open attitude and affects our relationship with society.

Transition to Open Science

In 2017, in order to accelerate and improve the realisation of research results and their societal impact, Utrecht University decided to make the transition to Open Science. By doing so, the university hopes to fundamentally alter the practice of education and research in the coming years.

Open Science calls for an open outlook and open attitude and affects our relationship with society. Research results are made freely available to others at the earliest possible stage. Open Science touches on the structure of the research and education agenda. It changes the way we communicate with one another and the contact with society at large. Open Science emphasises ‘team science’, affects how we recognize and reward in our system and in our dealings with one another as colleagues. We strive to reduce individual competition and achieve an open academic culture. 

Utrecht University aims to be at the forefront of Open Science. Therefore, the Executive Board has launched the Utrecht University Open Science Programme. A programme that aims to stimulate and facilitate researchers to put Open Science into practice. 

Five tracks

The scope of a programme on open science could potentially be very broad. In order to add focus, the UU Open Science Programme is centred around the following five tracks: