Sheet music

Are you looking for sheet music? Below you will find a list of options. The collection of sheet music focuses on scholarly research and not on performing music.

Collection of sheet music

In WorldCat use the option Advanced Search>Format>Musical Score. You can search by composer, title and genre. At 'Library' select 'Utrecht University Library'.

How are the shelves organised?

The sheet music is arranged according to size.

Shelf number 
Pa 4Large score
Pa 8Small score
KamChamber music
KlavPiano music
Klav oblPiano music oblong
Kl uittrPiano reduction
SerieGeneral works by composer, genre or period

Older and less used books are kept in the depositories and can be requested via WorldCat.

Other Dutch libraries

        In this catalogue, which is not included in WorldCat, you will find classical and popular sheet music. You will also find the complete archives of arrangements for the Dutch radio ensembles from ca. 1940 onwards. Muziekschatten is the                digitised part of the collection.

Digital sources

Available sheet music on the internet is mainly sheet music that is copyright-free, so works or editions published 70 years ago or earlier. However, this material is often outdated and does not reflect the current scholarly views. In the collection of Musicology you will find the latest editions that meet the current scholarly standards.For an overview of major databases, go to the LibGuide Sheet music

Search tools

There are thematic catalogues (such as the Johann Sebastian Bach oeuvre catalogue with BWV numbers) in which you will find more information about a composition, for instance an opus number. Also in the Grove Music Online, part of the Oxford Music Online, an overview of works is available, arranged by composer. Lots of sheet music of less known composers has never appeared in print, but is only available in the form of manuscripts. Please check the Grove Music Online or RISM Online Catalogue of Musical Sources if a printed version exists. These sources also tell you what libraries hold the manuscripts.

More information

Further information can be found in the Libguide Sheet music.