Are you looking for dictionaries? Below you will find all possibilities listed.

Online dictionaries

If you want to look up a word quickly, our online dictionaries are the best option. Under search engines you will find an overview of all available online dictionaries held by the University Library.

Online dictionaries

The list below leads you directly to the online dictionaries of a specific language


Paper dictionaries

Do you prefer dictionaries on paper? In the University Library Utrecht Science Park you will find them in the reference collection on the ground floor in stacks 2 to 5. Desk dictionaries are on the tables throughout the building. Dictionaries are not for loan, but at the service desk you can borrow a English-Dutch dictionary for one day.

The University Library City Centre houses large language collections. On the first shelves at each language collection you will find all kinds of dictionaries for that particular language. Also here the service desk has English-Dutch dictionaries available you can borrow for one day.