Online access for guests

As a guest you have access to online library resources in the University Library. From other locations you have no access.

The guest Solis ID

Please note: At the moment we are revising the registration proces for guest visitors. Therefore it is not possible to create new guest Solis IDs at this moment.

If you are in the library, you have acces to the search engines. First you need to apply for a guest Solis ID at the service desk. Please bring a valid proof of identity. This login code gives you access to the online resources and search engines of the library and is valid for one year.

 When you have a guest Solis ID, using your own computer or laptop, you can:

  • consult online sources and search engines when you are within the library
  • use all print facilities of Utrecht University
  • use the Eduroam Wi-Fi network (if you do not already have access to Eduroam via your own educational institution).

Open access resources

When you are not in the library, you have access to open access databases and journals. In the list they are indicated by a green arrow. No green arrow? You only have access to these databases and journals when you are in the library.


You can apply for a login code ('Solis-id') to get access to online resources and search engines via Eduroam.