Sharing self-made teaching materials outside the UU

If you want to share self-made educational material outside of Utrecht University, you need to know how to avoid potential copyright infringement. In addition, you must make choices regarding your own copyright.

When sharing self-made educational material outside Utrecht University, the following is advised:

  • In their daily practice UU lecturers can make their own choices, as if they were copyright holders, for instance to determine if and under what conditions their teaching material is shared. UU advises to share teaching materials under the Creative Comons licences CC-BY or CC-BY-SA.
  • If your material includes the work(s) of others, please check if this is copyrighted. If one of the Creative Commons licenses is applied to the work, you may include it if you adhere to the terms of the license. If there is no CC license, you must either obtain permission from the copyright holder or decide not to include the work in your material.

Storing and sharing teaching materials

Store and share your educational materials in the educational repository.


Do you have specific questions about sharing educational materials? Please contact us.