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In line with the Dutch government, Utrecht University is taking measures to combat the spread of the coronavirus. We are doing the utmost to ensure that education is face to face where possible and online where necessary, that our employees are able to work from home most optimally and that crucial processes continue to run smoothly.

Health and infections

Read what to do I you have (housemates with) corona related complaints, are infected with the coronavirus or have just returned from a  risk area where code orange or red reigns.

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Going to the University?

Corona check

Do the Corona check!

Do the corona check everytime before you go to university. Answer the five questions on the checklist to see whether you can come. Stay at home if the check tells you to. This is to protect the health of your fellow students and ensure the university can stay open. Do the corona check.

Een onderzoeker van het coronavirus is bezig met werkzaamheden in het lab.
Utrecht research into coronaviruses Read more


Utrecht University follows the advice of the RIVM, WHO and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The most up-to-date information on the coronavirus in Dutch context, can be found on the website of the RIVM (National Institute for Public Health and the Environment). This website contains the latest information about the coronavirus outbreak and the measures you can take to avoid infection.

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Utrecht University in times of corona #UUgotthis