Open Access

Open access (OA) provides free, digital access to the results of academic research. If you would like to know more about open access, please visit The University Library offers the following support and services in the field of open access.

Open Access Publishing

The University Library gladly advises researchers on open access publishing, for instance:

In addition, we make open access preservation possible via the Utrecht University Repository.

Open Access Fund

Since 2012 researchers at Utrecht University/UMCU may call on our Open Access Fund to have their Article Processing Charges (APCs) reimbursed. The fund covers 50% of the open access charges, provided the application meets our criteria.

Plan S

Plan S is an initiative of 18 research funders, united in cOAlition S, to accelerate the transition to 100% open access publishing from 2020 onwards. Plan S will affect publications funded by Dutch participating organizations, such as NWO and ZonMw.

Open Science

Open access is only one of the many aspects of open science: the process of making the entire scholarly communication cycle more accessible and transparent. Other subjects such as open peer review and altmetrics (alternative metrics) are evolving rapidly as well. The library is closely following these developments and welcomes discussions with researchers. If you have any questions about open science please contact us via