In your search for scholarly literature you may sometimes find the UBU-link. This link provides information about the availability of the publication via the University Library, in digital as well as in paper format.

UBU-link, quickly to the publication

In the case of digital publications the UBU-link provides direct access. For print publications the UBU-link gives information about availability at Utrecht University Library. Sometimes the UBU-link is in the form of a red button, but it can also be a text link.


How does the UBU-link work?

If you click on the UBU-link you will find the UBU-link menu. There you will find a number of options to obtain the publication. The best option is on top.

UBU-link as text

Some search engines, such as WorldCat, show the UBU-link as text.

UBU-link Worldcat

In Google Scholar you will find the UBU-link in the right hand column.


In some cases Google Scholar shows a textual UBU-link under the button 'More'.

UBU-link Google Scholar


Any questions about the UBU-link? Please send an email to