Together the University Library City Centre and the University Library Uithof have 1477 study places, with or without computers. In addition to individual study spots, there are also group study rooms, and study rooms for one or two persons.


Please check the free study spaces in the library locations below:

No place in the library? Check Studyspot for a free place in another university building.

Study spaces in the exam period

During the exam periods both libraries have longer opening hours.

Want to know beforehand how busy it is going to be? Have a look at this scheme.

Taking a break?

You may stay away from study places without computers for up to half an hour. After that time your things will be put in a red basket by library staff and another person may take your place. Computers are logged off automatically after twenty minutes. Please don't occupy study places when it is not absolutely necessary and show consideration for your fellow students.


  •  Log in to a print computer if you only want to print your documents
  • You can also use mobile print via email. Then you can send your printjobs from anywhere and do not need a study place to be able to print
  • Use the catalogue computers if you want to do a quick search. You do not need to log in to the catalogue computers
  • Bring your own laptop and use our Wi-Fi
  • It is possible to borrow a laptop at the service desks.

Guest account

If you are no student or employee of Utrecht University you can use our computers for guests. To log in to these computers you need a guest account (a 'guest-Solis-ID'). You can apply for one at the service desk on presentation of a valid proof of identity

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