LexisNexis Academic contains the full text of articles from Dutch and foreign newspapers and newsmagazines from 1992 up to this morning’s newspaper. Please note:  our version of Lexis Nexis only contains limited information in the field of law and business.

LexisNexis Academic will continue under a new name in March 2019: Nexis Uni. The search interface will also be updated.

In Nexis Uni the same sources are accessible that are now available within LexisNexis Academic.

What will you find in LexisNexis?

  • Articles published in Dutch newspapers, for instance: Volkskrant, NRC Handelsblad, Telegraaf and regional newspapers.
  • Articles published in international newspapers, for instance: The Times, The New York Times and Le Monde.
  • Articles published in newsmagazines, such as American Banker, Fortune, The Economist.
  • Besides news items you can also search for region & country reports, biographical references and radio/TV transcripts.

When to use LexisNexis?

  • When you want to find out if, how and how often a particular person or subject has been in the news, in particular if you want to conduct a systematic search.
  • When you want to retrace book reviews from newspapers and a number of news magazines.

Searching in LexisNexis

The Lexis Nexis start screen may cause some confusion. If you know what you are looking for, it is easier to go to News/All news. Here you can enter years and sources.

lexisnexis screenshot

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