An ORCID iD is a personal digital identifier that links your name automatically to your publications and professional profile. Follow the step-by-step plan on this page and get started with ORCID.

An ORCID profile saves you time for example when you apply for grants. It ensures that your publications are visible and you will receive recognition for your contributions to science.


ORCID register

Sign up for an ORCID account at orcid.org/register

Register for with an email address of your choice. You can also register via Utrecht University with your Solis ID and password. Click on sign in and then on the button Access through your institution.

You can change your email address and other information at any time.

Add your affiliations to ORCID

Add your info

Enrich your ORCID profile with your affiliates. Let people know where you work.


Add links to your other profiles on ORCID

Use your ORCID ID

Add links to relevant websites and profiles. Think of the website of the department you work for, GitHub or LinkedIn etc. With a link to your UU-profile page you can be contacted easily.

Add your ORCID to your UU profile page

ORCID stap 4


Make a link to your ORCID profile on your UU profile page to increase your visibility. An ORCID icon will then appear on your profile page with a link to your ORCID profile.

Go to your profile page and click add link in the profile tab to create the link between your profile page and your ORCID profile.

ORCID op UU profielpagina

Use your ORCID profile for

ORCID stap 5

•    Publications
•    Funding
•    Peer review
•    Memberships
•    Add it to Pure and more…

Researchers about ORCID

Need help?

If you have any further questions or you need more help with your ORCID iD please don’t hesitate to contact us.