Publishing workshops and training courses

The university library offers training courses and workshops on open science, open access, research data management, programming and more, sometimes in collaboration with other support services.

Workshop 'Open science and trends in publishing - how does it affect you?'

Open Science implies openly creating, sharing and assessing scientific research, wherever viable. How does this affect your academic career and your publishing? What are your options? You might feel overwhelmed with information, possibilities and consequences. This workshop provides clarity.

A consultant of the University Library Publishing Support Team provides an overview of recent developments, answers your questions and addresses any concerns you may have. A subject specialist is also present to put matters in your field's perspective.

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  • Open Science and RDM events

    • 27 Jan

      Writing a Reproducible Paper in R with WORCS

      This one-day workshop will help you get started on your own reproducible research project, by introducing you to a single streamlined workflow in R for the entire process, from your analysis up to the submission of your manuscript.
    • 4 Feb

      Recognition and Rewards Festival

      Join us digitally for the Recognition & Appreciation festival on 4 February 2022, organised by the KNAW, NFU and VSNU.
    • 10 Feb

      Roundtable "Let’s discuss how Open Science affects our publishing strategy"

      To what extent does Utrecht University's Open Science approach, in particular Recognition and Rewards, affect the way researchers publish? Join the roundtable on the 10th of February.
    • 17 Feb

      Introduction to R & Data

      R is a powerful scripting language for data handling, visualization, and more. We aim to give you the tools to start exploring R and all it has to offer.
    • 22 Feb

      Quick start to Research Data Management

      The workshop gives an insight into all aspects of research data management: data collection, data documentation, data storage, data security, and more.