Do you have trouble accessing our e-books? Or does an e-book you consulted before seem to be no longer available? The use of e-books is not always easy because each publisher applies different conditions. Below you will find a list of frequently asked questions.

An e-book is no longer in the collection. How can I read it again?

The e-book was temporarily available, but was not bought by us yet. If you need it for your study, teaching or research please submit a purchase suggestion. Please state that the book was previously available.

What does 'this e-book is not in our permanent collection (yet)' mean?

It means that the e-book has not (yet) been purchased by the library and is only temporarily available. On some platforms, you must register once before you can download the e-book. Each publisher can mean something else by temporarily available. If you want to know what that means for the e-book you are using now, please call us or email us with the title and the name of the author You can also request a purchase so the book may be bought by us.

Ebook Central: This ebook is not in our permanent collection (yet). If you need to access it in the future, please contact us now at: mailto:library@uu.nl.

Conditions, downloading and printing

Conditions for downloading and printing e-books may differ for each publisher or supplier. Often you are allowed to download the same book a second time, so try again if your download period expires There are also differences in the number of pages you may print each time. Having difficulties? Please contact us and report the problem.

For lecturers: need e-books in your teaching programme?

If you order an e-book for teaching purposes you have several options. Please contact your subject librarian for advice.

Contact about e-books

Any other questions? Please contact us. Send an email to library@uu.nl or call 030-2536115