What is in the collection?

Books and journals about philosophy and ethics. The philosophy collection (PDF in Dutch) mostly contains material about systematic philosophy and the history of western philosophy. The ethics collection (PDF in Dutch) is mostly practical philosophy with the sub-topics bio-ethics, humain bio-ethics and natural ethics.There is also a systematic arangement of reference works for philosophy and ethics (PDF in Dutch).

Where to find the collection

the printed collection(reference, books, journals are located in zone A on the second floor of the University Library City Centre. A lot of material is also available digitally. Ebooks can be found in the catalogue. There is a list of digital journals and you can use a number of search engines to find articles and refenrences.

How to search the collection?

As well as the information on this page you can also take a look at our LibGuide "Geschiedenis van de Wijsbegeerte III" (in Dutch) in which we offer more information on searching for philosophical material.

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Who is responsible for the collection?

Subject Librarian Humanities

General questions

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Call us at +31-(0)30-2536115 or send an email to library@uu.nl. If you have a question about borrowing, please provide your library card number.